Medicaid Application for Long Term Care Assistance

by Jerrold Bartholomew

The process is of applying for Medicaid long term care assistance can be somewhat difficult. The documentation requirements can be voluminous and the process will typically take at least 45 days. I have seen several recent cases take as long 4 months to be approved.

Various Medicaid Applications can be found here. Even a brief glance at this page will show the breadth and complexity of the many programs and types of assistance available.

If you are looking for the application for a patient in a nursing home, it is DHS-4574. If a married person is applying on behalf of his or her institutionalized spouse, it is also necessary to file an Asset Declaration, which is form DHS-4574B.

It is important to recognize that the Asset Declaration is used by the Department of Human Services to look at assets as of the first day the institutionalized spouse entered the hospital or nursing home. This date is called the “snap shot date.” It is the baseline used to determine how much the non-institutionalized spouse will be able to keep. For example, a couple with $150,000.00 in countable assets as of the snap shot date will qualify for Medicaid when their combined assets are reduced to $75,000.00. An elder law attorney will help the couple to reduce the countable assets as quickly as possible while preserving the value of those assets. In many cases, the entire amount over the limit can be preserved for the benefit of the spouse at home with proper advice.

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