A Time for Families and Gratitude

by Jerrold Bartholomew

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and already the end of 2009 is in sight. For many, especially in Michigan, this year will conclude with a sense of “good riddance.” And yet, particularly this week, we re-kindle that spirit of gratitude that helps to bind our families and our country. We count our blessings, look past each others’ weaknesses, and spend a brief time sharing laughter, memories and good food. We also find ourselves in stolen moments contemplating our priorities, our plans, and the future. It’s a funny thing how memories and merry-making so often turn our thoughts to the future. And so it is that the life and love of this season spur us to get our houses in order and plan for our loved ones and for our own future needs. This mindfulness is prudent and provident, and we are thankful for these gentle, natural nudges the season provides. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Priority Elder Law & Estate Planning!


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